We create exclusive living spaces, individually conceived and perfectly realized.

Swissquality Estates, based in Palma de Mallorca, Zürich and Stuttgart, creates exclusive residential real estate projects. Our portfolio spans new builds, renovations and structural restorations of villas and luxury apartments, primarily in southwest Majorca.

With over 4500 projects under our belt, we boast true expertise in project development and management. Our 360° approach is characterized by values like Swiss precision and German reliability. Our passion for unconventional solutions, our exemplary design language, our wealth of experience with high-quality building materials and our exceptional interior design are the cornerstones of our dedication to quality.

We create living spaces without compare – individually conceived and perfectly realized, right down to the last detail. Because it’s the details that are especially important to us. Though they’re easy to overlook at first glance, it’s the small things that truly create an unmistakable impression of quality.